Since several months, I try to penetrate a retail chain. Few meetings until now, since I had noticed that people that I am talking too are quite afraid to bring to their bosses a guy that can do things better than them.

Few days ago, through a recommendation, I reached the owner of a shop. We had managed to obtain a meeting with him and, during my visit there, I pass to his Sales Manager to salute him.
I know this guy since we had exchanged several emails, but the last answer from him was: we will contact you. 🙂 The best possible answer!
I am pretty sure that Sales Manager spoked about my proposal with his boss, the owner.

The power of a good relationship with another person had bringed us face to face, and the guy accepted our proposal.
But the interesting fact was what the owner said: it you reached me directly, I wouldn’t talked to you!

I wander, since what I had proposed to the Sales Manager was almost identical with what I presented to his boss, why he was sure that his time is so precious in order to spend few minutes with me?

I was tempted to say the obvious thing that would have been his loss.

Never miss an opportunity, dude! You will never know how much money can bring in your pocket.