Several days ago, I made a trip to a place called the Neajlov Delta, near Calugareni. It is quite near to Bucharest, the place where I live. It is surrounded by a forest, it has a delta, not as big as the Danube Delta, but big enough, and an amusement parc.
Calugareni is a place where romanians and hungarians beat the turkish empire, back in 1595. This demonstrates that hungarians were in the right part, under the command of Mihai Viteazul, a romanian ruler that united romanian territories for the first time.

 Anyway, I enjoyed the time in the forest. We fried some meet on a barbecue made from wood and we were bitten by mosquito for a short period of time.
The place is clean and there was some European funds invested there to build several bird observation posts. I didn’t had the chance to visit one, because all were closed.
But I took some pictures with dragonflies, a species that is quite colorful and… agitated.

It was my third opportunity to picture them, the other two were quite difficult because “always in motion the dragonflies were.”
There was two species, but only one landed on leafs and branches from time to time.