People around me still disappoint me. Also, people that are not around me, in my… circles have the same effect. Probably I have to accept that the dark part is in the each person and none of us can be as the Bible say: honest and respectful for each aspects of life. I am not such kind of man.

I did a lot of bad things and I still do, from time to time. But I try hard to avoid to hurt others, up to my isolation from them. I feel sorry when somebody is hurt, I feel sorry when I hurt others. It is not possible to be linear for your entire life.
I demand from my friends to be as much as possible fair with me. I will return the same feelings.
When this is not possible anymore, the best things to do is to tell the other that the friendship, brotherhood or whatever has to end. No regrets.

We are the cause of all bad things from this world. But we are the cause of all good things too.