I am thinking about starting a project in photography and I was looking on different subjects to find one that suits me at this moment. Not too hard, but not too simple either.
Today, when I was looking to some old photos, I made my decision. I will make a project in which I will shoot different places during the day and during the night.
From time to time, I will post the pictures here and, at the end of the project, the entire album will be posted on Facebook, if it will not find a place in an exhibition. 😉

Time to close the project: 6 to 12 months.

Wish me luck!

19.01.2013 – Day
First photo that is made public is the Statue of Mihail Kogalniceanu from the plaza with the same name, situated between Cismigiu Park and Izvor metro station in Bucharest. It was made in 1936, by the sculptor Oscar Han. The image was taken at 12.19 minute, at the beginning of January 2013.