When I saw the trailer, few months ago, I took the decision to see it. Not in the first week, since the tickets tend to be quite expensive, but as soon as possible.
Then, I found out that it came in several version of 3D. I had a bad experience with Avatar, when I decided to watch it at IMAX and I remove this option from my list. So, I took a ticket to the HFR 3D version.
It was incredible, my eyes had moments in which they were lost in details. The clarity was at the highest level that I ever sow until now and the depth was also good. I was able to see a lot of details in the background, maybe too much of them. 🙂
Anyway, speaking of the movie, it is a good one, let me say that is a little bit under the first trilogy. But it have a great potential.

I watched Galadriel with great pleasure and I am expecting to see her in action in the next parts.
I am also glad that they are shooting all parts in the same time, since Ian McKellen is quite an old actor and a bad thing can happen any time.
The team is well balanced and the gnome leads have a great potential to become a good hero. I didn’t read the book to see what will happen, and this is a good one for me. I will probably be surprised.
Go to see it, it worth every money!