I have decided to write some articles in english. I an not well prepared to write in this language and I hope to forgive me if I will do something wrong.
So, what is our past?
Since we are born, we started to learn. We observe the environment, we see the light and the dark, day and night, so to speak and we are growing. A the begining, the world have not much to say for us and we are growing because this is the normal course of life.
Later, we meet people, we develop strong relationship with some of them, we start to lie and hate, to shorten the nights to differentiate things that bring pleasure in our life.
Of course, in a certain moment of time, some people can say: I did that in a wrong way! If I could turn back the time, I will do it like this!
But even our mistakes contribute to who we are. Neglecting your past means that you are negleting you, as a human being. My personal view.
I the end, nothing will matter. The darkness will took us all.
So, be happy with your past.
Take a bold look into the future and try to make it better! Think again!