Iamso McLovin > anyone here good at econ?
cinefilul > economy?
Iamso McLovin > economics ya
Iamso McLovin > i am taking a class
cinefilul > what do you want to know?
cinefilul > ahh
cinefilul > :))
Iamso McLovin > sent it in a mail
cinefilul > i will take a look, but i can not promise you anything
Iamso McLovin > its cool
Rover Vitesse > wat
Rover Vitesse > i went to the Centre for Advanced Studies in Cistuvaert
Rover Vitesse > can i help?
Iamso McLovin > lol
cinefilul > :))
Scally666 > i once flushed a toilet while i was sat on it can i help?
cinefilul > sorry my friend, I can not help here.
cinefilul > but it has been posted on my blog. who knows…
Iamso McLovin > lol ok

From: Iamso McLovin
Sent: 2010.02.25 22:08
To: cinefilul,

National Income Accounts of MicroWorld
Consumer purchases: $100 per year
Investment purchases: $50 per year
Government purchases: $20 per year
Total exports: $50 per year
Total imports: $70 per year
Deprecation: $10
Indirect business taxes and subsidies: $5
Population: 10

1) What is GDP

2) What is NDP

3) What is NI

4) What is the per capita GDP

N-am stiut raspunsul.